About Me

Who am I? Well, my name is Michael and I am a husband, father, and brother. I wear many hats and do a lot of stuff and running forgottenloot.org is a passion of mine.

Michael Author of Forgotten LootIt started some years ago when my wife told me about a website to check out. I was to go to this website and enter my name and other details like ss# and full name, address and so on. She said I would know if I have money in my name. I did not believe her at all.

She kept telling me to just trust her and do what she said. Others were doing it and they were finding $100’s of dollars that they completely forgot about.

I decided to give it a short and within a few weeks a check came in the mail with my name on it. I was shock and tear it open quickly.

The envelop contained a check for $210.00. I was like what the heck!

I read the information and realized that it was from an old back account. The bank was called Orange and it was doing business mostly online. Within a few short years, it went belly up. I believe when the market crash back in 2008.

Right after I got the check, I called my sister Claudine and told her to do it. She laughed and say its this a scam? I said no trust me its not. Go to this site and enter your details.

She did and called me weeks later and said she got two checks. I was like for real? She sent me two pictures of the checks. They were not big checks but it was her money. I believe one was for $57 and the other was $97 or so. I don’t remember the exact number.

Forgotten Loot GuideI had these checks on the second build of forgottenoot.org until it got hacked and I lost all the information on that site. I decided to rebuild the site to what you see now.

Forgottenoot.org is cleaner, faster and to the point. I have updated the forgottenloot free guide and made sure all links are working. I could have charged for the report but why when I got the info free.

I also love to help and by building this website and  the Forgotten Loot YouTube channel many will benefit.

Got the Forgotten Loot guide yet? Download it here and learn how to search for unclaimed property that could potentially be yours.