Q: Is this for real?
A: Yes! This is for real.

Q: What do I need to locate forgotten money?
A: All you need is your SSN and current home address

Q: How will I know I am getting money?
A: At best you will get a confirmation code. Write this down and check your mail.

Q: Do I have to download the book?
A: You don’t have to but you will find it easier to locate your loot

Q: How much can you expert?
A: In my experience, it varies! You could get as little as $20 to $1000 or even more!

Q: Which country is this dedicated to?
A: For now, it is only for the United States

Q: Will You Expand to other countries?
A: Yes I will in the coming months

Q: Can I search for family members?
A: Yes you can but we ask everyone to refer them to this site

Q: Is there an App for this?
A: Not yet but we are working on this

Q: What if I don’t click the link in the email to confirm that I want the guide?
A: You simple will not get access to the information

Q: How quick will I get the Forgotten Loot guide?
A: It’s almost instant but we ask that you take 10 to 20 seconds before checking your email inbox

Q: What If I confirm but I didn’t get the guide?
A: Check your SPAM folder. Many email service will send certain kinds of mail to your spam folder.

Q: How can I get my own forgotten loot guide
A: Simple enter your name and email address to your right; You’ll get it in a few seconds!

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