The New Forgotten Loot Website

Welcome to the new website. We’ve revamped the site and we hope you like it. Why the change? A few months ago, the site was hacked and I could not save it. It would have cost too much and the simplest thing to do was to revamp it.

I try to keep it simple and straightforward. It’s faster, leaner, and cleaner. There are no distractions on the page and it sticks to the point. You will only get what you come for. After you enter your details here, you will see a product offer. 

If you’re not interested, simply scroll down and click on the link below. It will take you to the “thank you page” where you will download the guide.

That’s all there is to it. In the next few days and weeks, forgotten loot will send follow-up emails to see how everything went and if you found any money aka unclaimed property in your name, friend, or family member. The guide also talks about you searching for a closed business. You’ll be able to search for that too using my forgotten loot guide.

As I mentioned, the guide is completely free, and I wanted to thank my wife for the inspiration to create the site.

Good luck and please let us know if you found any money.

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