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How to Locate Unclaimed Property?

Find out in just a few minutes. Your family and friends will know if they have unclaimed property aka money in their name too.  Download The Forgotten Loot Guide NOW – FREE!

Find Unclaimed Money

Where these unclaimed property come from? Every year, companies with assets that have been inactive for about 2 to 3 years must turn them over to the states. These accounts range from 401k's, savings accounts, dividends, stocks and more. Other financial assets such as, unclaimed paychecks, overpayment on bills like credit cards, utility bills and more. Some of this could belong to you or a family member. To find out download this free guide today and see if your name is on the list. Click here or the image to begin.

Forgotten Loot Guide

People Who Have Downloaded The Guide

Angela Bradley

Retired School Teacher
Frenzo California

As a retired school teacher, I’m not easily fooled. This was a no brainer for me. I download the guide and did what it said to do. I didn’t find any money in my name but the information everyone needs to have. The guide was easy read!

Michael Author of Forgotten Loot

Michael Kurtis

Blogger, father & husband

Welcome to forgotten loot website. This site was launched to spread the word about unclaimed property. Download the guide and start searching – It covers all 50 states.

Claudina Williams

College Graduate
Brooklyn, NYC

I’m the sister of the author of the Forgotten Loot Guide. I received two checks after what my brother told me. I was happy as a kind in a candy store because I wasn’t expecting anything. They really came in handy.  

Worked as an IT Specialist?

Whether you worked as a IT specialist or computer engineer, you could potentially have thousands of dollars in your name right now. We’ve done the research & know that the state you are living right now have millions of dollars waiting to be claimed. Some could belong to you! 

Local Community Librarian ?

Local libraries don’t see to get a lot of visitors these days but the last time I went inside one it was packed. I know its not easy to believe a word I say but here me out. There is no monetary gain for me. This is completely free of charge. When you find money, share our page. That’s all I ask of you. Sharing is caring. Do you agree?

Is This For Real? Yes its Real as You're Reading This Text.

I get this question a lot and I don’t blame them. When my wife told me, I told her she was telling a story and I didn’t believe her. At the time I was living in New York City and she called me from work. She works for TJMaxx at the time, still do, and after a few minutes I gave in and did the search as she suggested I perform. I wasn’t expecting any thing but a check came in two weeks later. In my experience, the majority of people will not find any money in their name but you won’t know that unless you do an unclaimed property search. All that’s required is a last name or a business name. That’s it.  


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